Getting serious with Water Privatization

Below are more links to water privatization resources than you can shake a water-divining rod at. This will be regularly updated. No, really, it will. Updated: 3/2/08; 3/12/08; 6/04/08

Updated: 3/2/08 Documentary: FLOW: For the Love of Water (link is to five trailers for the film.)
From the documentary’s site:

With an unflinching focus on politics, pollution and human rights, FLOW: For Love of Water ensures that the precarious relationship between humanity and water can no longer be ignored. While specifics of locality and issue may differ, the message is the same; water, and our future as a species, is quickly drying up.

Updated: 3/2/08 For more information about and links to FLOW, check’s remarkably informative post here.

Two videos from Democracy Now, featuring the documentary with commentary from Maude Barlow.

Updated: 3/2/08 bluegold2.pdf
A summary of Maude Barlow’s water privatization exposé, Blue Gold. (Memorize and hand any pro-privatization proponent his or her rhetorical ass.)

Not so fast, Maude Barlow!
Watermeister Michael Campana over at WaterWired has some hydrological bones to pick with Maude Barlow and others who he believes–I think–oversimplify the problems by demonizing corporations.

Water Privatization – Fact Pack
A “fact pack” from the State Environmental Resource Center (meaning a resource for all states) is a good a place to start as any to get basic information about the history of and prospects for water privatization in the U.S. (It hasn’t been updated since 2004, but most of the info is still useful.)

Pacific Institute: Topics – Water Privatization
Pacific Institute: Topics – Water Privatization California-based think tank provides timely and common-sense analysis. Typical of their approach, they take a middle-of-the-road, grant-funding-agency-friendly approach to privatization.

The perils of privatization
The title of this May 2008 piece from the American Prospect‘s web site leaves no doubt about where that bunch of liberals stand in the debate. The article’s subtitle sums it up: The conflict between multinational corporations’ quest for profits and the simple human right to clean, safe water.

Grist magazine privatization debate
For those of you who think there are two sides to the question of the privatization of the elixir of life, the environmental online magazine Grist has posted a five-part smackdown between some water industry flack and anti-privatization H2O huggers Maude Barlow and Sara Ehrhardt, who are with the, gasp, Council of Canadians. Hey, we’re trying to be balanced over here.

CBC News – Indepth: Water Privatization (update: 3/12/08-The page has links to a dozen or so radio reports on various aspects of privatization.)
CBC News – Indepth: Water Privatization. A Canadian news site’s in depth reporting on privatization. It has an anti-privatization bent, but it is fair to the corporate water barons, bringing their self-serving arguments front and center.

U.S. water privatizations fail to pan out
This 2006 Wall Street Journal article, reprinted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, is not anti-privatization, obviously. But it chronicle of the failure of the German conglomerate GWE, to gain a toehold in the U.S. water market illustrates all of the barriers to large-scale privatization of water in this country.

Water privatization: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati
There, this will keep you busy. Forty or so posts, many worthwhile.

Thirst – The Movie
Is water a human right or a commodity to be bought and sold in a global marketplace? Guess what filmmakers Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufmann think. An amazing documentary. The site has updates of the events portrayed in the film.

AlterNet: Tags: water privatization
AlterNet: Tags: water privatization
Stories, blog posts, and videos tagged as “water privatization” from a politically progressive news site

YouTube – Big Water
A talking head making a convincing, if didactic, case against privatization of water.

Private Water Saves Lives
The libertarian Cato Institute thinks water privatization will solve the global water crisis!

Bright spots in water privatization – PSD Blog – World Bank Group
Blue Gold, the European Water Partnership
When you call water “blue gold,” you’ve revealed your position on privatization.

Environmentalist makes case for privatization of water treatment.
Title from an entry on a blog that is for some reason called the Frizz by its callow young libertarian author. Worth the visit for his photo. He’s kidding with this photo, right? Quote: Water is not a human right.

Reason Magazine – Water Is a Human Right
Hey libertarians, is water a human right, or isn’t it? Get your talking points straight! I guess this site represents more compassionate brand of libertarian thought than that of Mr. Frizz, cited directly above. Free minds and free markets is this site’s motto, and yes, the market can solve the global water crisis.


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