Bottled water rant

“Dude, you’re thinking about the water crisis every day,” said our youngish and annoying therapist, as he sipped from his goddamn bottle of Evian, destroying what little credibility he had. “Dude, that’s asking for burnout!”

060224_bottled_water_big.jpgOur thoughts meandered as we impatiently listened to the smarmy whelp. Do you know how stupid it is to be drinking bottled water, you idiot? Do you know that it’s no more, and maybe less, healthy than tap water? Do you know that it’s often just tap water in a pretty package, anyway? Do you know it costs like, 10,000 times more than tap water? Do you know that this is readily available information that you read or hear in reputable news outlets every goddamn day? Do you ever read? Do you know what those bottles are doing to the planet? And we’re looking to you for advice? And stop saying dude. What’s the use? There’s nothing we can do about it. It all sucks. aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


6 Responses

  1. Do you know that it’s no more, and maybe less, healthy than tap water? … if you live in the US or a first world country in Europe.
    Where was that photo taken? Does that country have good standards of tap water?
    I live in Egypt and I don’t even COOK with tap water, never mind drinking it!

  2. If you click on the photo, you’ll see that it’s China, the country that’s gunning for first place in the Olympics for the race to the bottom.

    I’m obviously ranting at folks in the US and other developed countries. People in many countries, maybe most, don’t have the choice to drink tap water. I never drink the tap water in Mexico or Central America, and I’ve gotten mighty sick just from eating something that had been washed in the water. That’s because long ago the people in Egypt, Mexico, and other countries accepted filthy, bacteria-laced public water as a natural inevitability, and it’s not. The disgusting lack of sanitation is due to the political and economic situation in which resources are not allocated for public services. Thus, human feces and other wastes are dumped raw into the public waterways instead of being treated.

    In the US, we’re being gradually conditioned to think much the same way. Water is a commodity and not a public resource. The water delivery systems that have served us well for hundreds of years suddenly are considered inadequate and in need of being privatized. Bottled water presents water as a commodity/product and is helping lead us down that path. Bottled water is for the most part unnecessary in the US and other developed countries. And it wouldn’t be necessary elsewhere, including in Egypt, if tried and true methods for sanitizing water were put into effect.

  3. A big part of the bottled water problem is the FDA’s “spring water” rule. Check out

  4. We no longer order bottled flat water for our organization after seeing Flow: For Love of Water. However, where can I find some specific written info on why not to use pellegrino and other sparkling waters so that I can forcefeed this to the powers that be?

  5. As an American trained in civil and environmental engineering – THANK YOU! MY son’s pedodontist high-fived me the last time I took him in because I was still feeding him the municipal fluoridated tap water, unlike 80% or more of the parents he meets. There are so many better ways we could be using our resources/money than spending it on bottling, shipping, and marketing bottled water (which I’ve always thought tastes funny anyway).

  6. […] tap water and the evils of bottled water. Now there are many news stories and bloggers everywhere ranting about the waste and non-necessity of our obsession with water in a bottle. Some cities are even heavily discouraging bottles for use […]

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