The American Museum of Natural History’s road show

The American Museum of Natural History never sits still, literally. Yesterday, in a post that sports a title longer than the actual content, we pointed out NYC-based museum’s online iteration of their physical exhibit, Water: H2O=Life.

Figuring that water is at least as popular as the Rolling Stones (and possibly even older), they have taken Water: H2O=Life on an international tour. The globe-trotting extravaganza is part of a larger program of traveling exhibits.We learned of this from long-time reader* Kai from a NYC-based environmental group called GRACE. We don’t know what the acronym GRACE stands for yet, but the organization represents with a wonderfully designed web site featuring some delightful ummm. . .features. Check out The Meatrix, a multiple-award winning animation about the meat industry.  Says Kai:

As member of a supporting organization that put together the American Museum of Natural History’s interactive map of the NYC watershed, go to the traveling water exhibit H2O=Life to find out more on water issues, hydrology, and other resources:

The traveling exhibit may end up in a city near you, so check out this link for more info:

*Full disclosure: “Long-time reader” is possibly misleading because this may be the first time that Kai has ever laid eyes on, but we certainly hope it’s not the last.


One Response

  1. Glad to see your post on the AMNH H2O=Life show. Our group was one of many that helped to put this together.

    I’m definitely a Waterblogged reader, like I am with some of the other water-oriented blogs like Aguanomics, WaterWired, et al. Gotta stay informed.

    As for GRACE, like many nonprofits we have had a number of iterations ourselves, but GRACE is where we stand now.

    Finally, check out our water program and water footprint calculator, H2O Conserve:

    That’s probably enough of me for now…

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