Waterblogged.info trapped in Marlborough, MA!

Marlborough's top attraction: The John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant

Marlborough's top attraction: The John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant

Waterblogged.info has changed its summer headquarters from NYC to Marlborough, MA because the editor in chief’s wife is attending a three-day conference here. He expected to hop on a bus or a train each day to see the sights and lights of Boston only to find that the largest hotel in Massachusetts outside of Boston is nowhere near any form of mass transportation. He then decided to rent a car, but there is no rental car available until tomorrow.

Q: Is Marlborough devoid of any interest whatsoever?

A: A site called CityTownInfo.com begins its list of Marlborough attractions with the Marlborough Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Millham Water Treatment Plant! Really! No. 4 on the list is the cemetery.

With nothing else to do except obsess about the fact that Marlborough water tastes kind of weird–particularly after days of savoring NYC’s tasty tap treat–the editor in chief decided to look into water delivery Massachusetts style. As it turns out, CityTownInfo missed the real Marlborough goin’ on spot: The John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant, the purpose of which is to treat the water for the entire Boston metropolitan area, 25 miles away. Marlborough’s and Boston’s water is the lookout of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), which was established in 1984 to provide water and water treatment to Boston and surrounding communities. MWRA has a nice web site that gives an overview of its water delivery system.

Like New York, Massachusetts appears to have ample water for decades to come. Unlike New York, the water is treated with chloramine instead of chlorine. Maybe that explains the difference in taste. Although chloramine has been substituted for chlorine in approximately one-third of U.S. water delivery systems, its use remains very controversial.


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