New York water wonks does not have a dog in this fight. We don't know why there is a fight. does not have a dog in this fight. We don't know why there is a fight.

Today, the is leaving the the Big Apple and headed for Beantown. Our last in situ NY post comes to you via the New York Water Resources Institute, one of those academia-based (in this case Cornell) think tanks that aim to apply the concentrated power of the researchers’ oversized IQ’s to addressing the big public policy issues of the day–in this case, sustainable water management. From their site:

The Mission of the New York State Water Resources Institute (WRI) is to improve the management of water resources in New York State and the nation. As a federally and state mandated institution located at Cornell University, we are uniquely situated* to access scientific and technical resources that are relevant to New York State’s and the nation’s water management needs.

If you want to get into some of the nitty-gritty of various aspects of water-management issues, this is good stuff. One of their research focuses is the effects of gas drilling on groundwater. They even have a blog devoted to that single issue. So if you’ve been frantically asking around about just how much of the water used in horizontal hydrofracing is recovered, your search is over. We make light, but the NYWRI site will give you a sense of the technological/scientific complexity of maintaining dependable and sustainable water delivery systems.

*Academic research centers use “uniquely situated” as code to signal funding sources that they deserve financial support more than their competition, that is, other university think tanks that also claim to be “uniquely situated.”


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