Peter Gleick on California’s water crisis

Peter Gleick

Peter Gleick

(Update: On January 16, the essential water blog, WaterWired, posted this entry about Peter Gleick’s recent presentations to the U.S. House and Senate on the urgent necessity to establish a national water policy. WaterWired’s sole proprietor, Michael Campana–not incidentally director of the Institute for Water and Watersheds at Oregon State University and professor of geosciences there–has suggested that Gleick should be named the first White House Water Adviser.)

What do the water crisis, Dante’s Inferno, Hollywood movies, Sandra Bullock, the Mars Rover, and cholera, have in common? Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute, arguably America’s foremost water expert, connects the unlikely dots in this fascinating recent talk at UC Berkeley.

You can skip the introductory remarks and go to 20:00 to hear Gleick being introduced. While his talk focused on California, Gleick puts the state’s problem in a global context, which makes this a good general introduction world water woes.

The good news is that California has plenty of water–scarcity is not the problem. At about 38:30, Gleick starts identifying the factors standing in the way of assuring that all Californian’s have access to clean and affordable water.


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  1. […] now an enormous amount of attention is focused on energy issues. You mentioned at a recent talk in Berkeley that some of the cheapest ways to save energy are actually through water efficiency. […]

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