Waterblogged.info is back!

Having not posted since 11/1 for reasons too numerous and boring to mention, we feel guilty, remiss, and other emotional states that accompany a firm commitment not carried out. We’d like to note that, while we’ve been gone for over three weeks, absolutely nothing has changed. There is still water, and the water situation–wherever you look–still sucks.

That being the case, there is no choice but that the Waterblogged.info editorial team continue its dreary mission–tomorrow. Until then, we offer the little tidbit for your meditative consideration, lifted from the page of statistical information in Harper’s Magazine called the Harper’s Index. If you don’t know Harper’s, its the U.S.’s oldest monthly, “. . . an independent, monthly literary magazine that does politics,” according to its publisher. A good test to determine if Harper’s brand of journalism suits you is to keep track of the number of times you refuse to acknowledge, read, or discuss something because it’s “too depressing.” If it’s more than say, once a year, you’re most likely not Harper’s target audience.

Estimated portion of all freshwater drawn from U.S. sources each year that is used to cool power plants: 1/2


2 Responses

  1. Hi Jared. Glad you are back.

    Don’t worry, your lack of posting for a time is good for one thing – it helps me feel less guilty when I fail to post on my blog for a while, too.

  2. Hey there Abigail,

    It’s nice to know that Waterblogged.info can at least serve as a bad example, lowering the bar for other bloggers!


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