23 strange paths to Waterblogged.info

Caminhos sinuosos, from Bety's photos

Caminhos sinuosos, from Bety

Here are some inexplicable search strings that led unsuspecting and no doubt disappointed Web surfers to Waterblogged.info.:

beaver too damn busy

no sex in job

big russia ass

not so interesting facts

stupid people from arizona

snow water for green

desalination sexy

clothing optional

talk write

putting her cigar down

punk is not

water sex

cool facts about veins

good lakes

soviet coyote

katie couric magic

emo bling in green

why is the red land called that

I love you you idiot

what the government has done for georgia

“soviet slogan” a human


One Response

  1. Hi there mr Waterman!?

    Sorry I try to find your profile here but don’t know were I click ;^)

    It’s the first time, as far as I know, that someone use one photo of mine!!!

    I arrived here by the window of FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed

    Interesting your blog, I will return to read more,

    all the best

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