And the winner is. . .

Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, no, wait, not yet. But, soon, real soon, coming to a White House near you. . . .

In the meantime, on behalf of the editorial team, I want to congratulate Abigail Brown of Water for the Ages, who has successfully harnessed the innocent wonder and total lack of skill of her inner child to snag the grand (and only) prize for the winning (and only) entry in‘s first (and last) coloring contest! Woo-hoo, indeed!

Water Is Cool by Abigail Brown

Water Is Cool by Abigail Brown

Participation was a tad disappointing, but I imagine that after seeing Abby’s entry, other would-be artistes threw up their hands and quietly closed their crayon boxes in resigned acknowledgment of certain defeat. Abby will soon be leafing through her own copy of the information-permeated pages of Tara Lohan’s Water Consciousness, which I will personally bestow on her in an informal ceremony in New Orleans.

Why New Orleans? Both Abby and I have the honor of having been invited to participate in a panel discussion on waterblogging at the American Water Resources Association Conference, to be held this year in the Big Easy. Michael Campana, waterblog guru and the sole proprietor of the essential WaterWired, will moderate, which I guess means he will try to keep us from splashing, bickering amongst ourselves, hogging the discussion, or wandering off topic to talk about President-elect Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other panelists include:
Robert Osborne, Watercrunch
Noah Hall, Great Lakes Law
Kaveh Madani, WaterSISWEB
Jane Rowan, AWRA Blog, President, AWRA


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