Waterblogged.info goes to the car wash

Waterblogged.info took the company fleet of Priuses to the car wash today. Is it because we’re too damm lazy to wash our own damn cars? No, it’s because we’re too damn busy, and–as luck would have it–it just so happens that in this case, indolence is a virtue: A commercial car wash is the ecologically sound way to rinse your ride. From environmental blog, Planet Green:

Sudsing up your car in the driveway may get your hub caps to sparkle, but the untreated waste water can also run off Ol’ Betsy straight into storm drains and eventually into rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands, where it can degrade water quality and poison aquatic life.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (from which agency we borrowed the above totally cool image) offers the following tips for laundering your Lambo without wasting water. Also–although we haven’t researched this–there are now a variety of waterless methods for swabbing your Saab.

Clean Water Tips: How can you wash your car and help keep our waters clean?

  • Use soap sparingly. Use a hose nozzle with a trigger to save water.
  • Pour your bucket of soapy water down the sink when you’re done, not in the street. Or wash your car on a grassy area so the ground can filter the water naturally.
  • Best of all, take your car to a commercial car wash, especially if you plan to clean the engine or the bottom of your car. Most car washes reuse wash water several times before sending it to the sewer system for treatment.

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  1. Well… best of all (for water quality, air quality, health, global warming, oil wars, and more) get rid of your car and ride a bike, walk, take the bus or train!

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