Eureka! California is No. 1!

No. 1 in the heated global competition to annihilate natural hydrological systems, that is. This article by Rachel Olivieri of Alternet tells the whole obscene– almost NSFW–story. We’re not surprised at any particular item in this grim synopsis of California’s full-frontal and unrelenting assault on the environment, but seeing all of them distilled in a five-page article is truly distressing. The article’s subhed (that is not a typo; we insider editorial types spell it that way):

California has spared no expense to taxpayers or natural ecosystems to become the most hydrologically altered landmass on the planet.

But cheer up! Sure, as Oliviera points out, “Ninety percent of the coastal salt marshes between Morro Bay and San Diego are gone,” and “the [San Joaquin Delta] “is not on the verge of collapse, it is collapsing,” there’s always fun music! Click on the image to visit the MySpace page of a nice UK pop crew who inexplicably call themselves Pacific. They are also No. 1, if their latest album title isn’t some kind of Sarah Palin-type bald-faced prevarication. Warning: pretty sweet pop, if you’re watching the calories.


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