No water, no sex!

Walking Contradiction, a cool blog

credit: Walking Contradiction, a cool blog

That’s not a threat from the frisky folks at, but the title of today’s lead article at Circle of Blue. It’s an interview with Velt Helmer, the director of Absurdistan, a film comedy in which our dear friend and constant companion, Mr. Water, plays a starring role (not to be confused with this Mr. Water). (Helmer missed the submission deadline for’s First Annual Summer Film Festival, but, hey Velt, there’s always’s Second Annual Summer Film Festival!)

Marvel at the beauty and substance of Circle of Blue‘s site, but don’t make the mistake of calling it well-funded. They don’t like it, as the envious learned the hard way. A comment by Circle of Blue‘s Eric Daigh to this entry, wherein we insinuate that Circle of Blue is wallowing in foundation largesse:

Funding? Ha! We had some pilot money a few years ago, but we are SO broke. And we kind of bristle at the notion of our being well-funded, as it tends to make potential donors think we don’t need any more money. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Point well taken, but you gotta admit that site looks like it was pimped up by a trust-fund kid with mad web skillz. We don’t know what Eric’s role is there, but he creates some beautiful informational graphics, for one thing. Truly, it’s one worthy online enterprise, so if you’re one of those skittish potential donors, give it up! (And also, when writing your will, please consider bequeathing a generous portion of your estate to water-rich but cash-strapped, the little blog that never even got pilot money.)

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2 Responses

  1. Hello from Los Angeles. I believe that every individual, and group, that is furthering the cause of public water awareness and water education should be well-funded. We will all die without water. Not many topics are as crucial. Thank you for all of the work that you do in this area. Sometimes it can be discouraging at times, right? Well, be encouraged now. More folks are waking up. Don’t stop. You really are making a positive difference. YOU ROCK!

  2. Hey Mark,
    Thank you for your kind comment and heartfelt concern. It’s sometimes discouraging, for sure, but it’s encouraging to get some love from inspired readers. You rock as well, because you get it. You’re from Southern Cal, so you might be interested in Aquafornia (, the essential source for Southern California water news.

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