Waterblogged.info’s first annual summer film festival! Theme: The water cycle

Ah, yes, the water cycle. The exquisite perfection of the Earth’s perpetual-motion water recycling machinery has inspired filmmakers and high-school geography students since time immemorial, even before the early days of YouTube. What better theme, then, to launch Waterblogged.info’s gala, celebrity-studded, invitation-only (that’s why you’ve never heard of it) Annual Summer Film Festival?

By any measure, artistic, aesthetic, cinematic, cultural, social, moral, ethical–well, maybe not financial–the event was a smashing success. But now the high-spirited revelry is over, the posh screening rooms are hushed and empty, the sleek glitterati have been whisked away in matching sleek armored limousines accessorized with gun turrets, and the paparazzi have swept up the shards of their cameras that had been pulverized by the glitteratii’s gargantuan, steroid- and meth-powered bodyguards.

Below, Waterblogged.info presents the proud winners of the future coveted Waterblogged.info Excellent Trophy for Truly Inspiring Excellence, informally dubbed the Wettie, soon to be a word in a household near you.

Category: Best Inevitable Use of Rap in a Video about the Water Cycle

The Winner:

“The Water Cycle Jump” by Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

“Your mind must be on vacation if you don’t know about evaporation.” Yo, indeed.

Category: Best Well-meaning Public Service Animation about the Water Cycle Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong

The Winner:

Groundwater Animation produced for the King County (Oregon) Water and Land Resources Division.

Honorable Mention: “The Water Cycle,” produced for NASA. Why?

Honorable Mention: Protect Your Water – Groundwater – Video 9, produced for the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This is unintentionally unintentionally funny.

Category: Best Scary Musical Performance in a Water Cycle Video

The Winner:

“The Water Cycle Boogie” (skip to 4:30 for the scary musical performance)

Category: Best Two Female High-school Students Making a Half-assed Effort on Their Geography Class Assignment about the Water Cycle

The Winner:

“The Water Cycle Gangsta Rap” by the Real Gangstas

Features a bloopers segment that doesn’t look any different than the rest of the video, except the young scholars giggle.

Honorable mention: “The Water Cycle Boogie” by a couple of high-school girls

Category: Best Use of Minimalist Claymation in a Video about the Water Cycle

The Winner: “Bob and the Water Cycle.”

Bob is a blob.”

Category: Best Video about the Water Cycle Created by–We Guess–a Science Teacher Whom Students Either Love or Consider Weird, or Both

The Winner:

“The Water Cycle” by Mr. Davis.

“Somewhere, out there, the sun is shining on a little puddle. That’s just part of something we call the water cycle.”

Category: Best Tortured Use of Anime in a Video about the Water Cycle that Rips Off the Above-cited Mr. Davis’s Song

The Winner:

Fruits Basket Science Theater’s “The Water Cycle”

Category: Best Inevitable use of “What a Wonderful World” in a Video about the Water Cycle

The Winner:

“The Water Cycle” by Musicmadgirl and RoseyRuthie


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2 Responses

  1. Hi, Jared.

    These are great – thanks!

    The Ground Water Video is from King County in Washington (Seattle). We have no King County in Oregon.

  2. My yr 2 class loves the Water cycle song by Mr Davis. Just wondering if there is any way to get hold of just the music as an MP3 file so we can put it onto CD to play for our assembly.

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