Waterblogged.info catches the water bug

The Namib desert beetle has your water back.

The Namib desert beetle has your water back.

We’ve got some good news and some good news over here at Waterblogged.info. First, because of Cleantech Blog’s entry about the potential of renewable energy sources for desalination and other forms of water harvesting, we don’t have to research or write anything today!

The other good news is that finance just coughed up funds for an iPhone for our Northern California headquarters, and we’re using the freed-up time for training sessions on navigating its myriad wonders and learning how to select, download, and goof on the many essential and free applications available, such as More Cowbell, PhoneSaber, and the timeless classic, Jared.

We justify our indolence by pointing out that Cleantech’s entry is simply chockablock with cutting-edge and fascinating info about efforts to generate water from wind turbines and ocean wave energy and other ways to use renewable energy to produce and gather everyone’s favorite and quickly disappearing beverage. Find out, for example, how the little critter depicted above is helping scientists develop methods to harvest water from the air, and how yet another energetic septuagenarian inventor (another here) is working feverishly to save the planet.


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