Waterblogged.info: Our glass is half empty

David Zetland, an economist who maintains the informative and incisive water blog, Aquanomics, commented that our summer reading list was “pretty pessimistic.”

Well, Waterblogged.info is nothing if not pessimistic. We celebrate our gloomy outlook. That’s sort of our shtick. But more to the point, where in the wonderful world of water is there cause for optimism?

Last year, we wrote about the citizens of Mesa, Arizona, who voted to allow the construction of a massive recreational “water park” in its drought-stricken midst. With fellow citizens like these, who needs enemies? Of course, this is small potatoes in the water crisis business. And we don’t mean to pick on the folks in Mesa–who no doubt feel they made a rational economic decision. But this story is a perfect illustration of the bizarrely shortsighted attitude toward water usage that is held by the majority of our population from sea to shining sea. Typically, Waterblogged.info’s response was unhelpful and sulky:

As we glumly consider our half-empty glass of tap water, which may or may not be contaminated, we decide that we have all been beaten down into numb submission by a domineering corporate culture that values nothing but profit and leaves us in constant terror of being unemployed and poor. (Note that the folks in Mesa voted in favor of this insanity because of the prospect of 7,500 new jobs.) All of this leaves most of us feeling powerless, disconnected from one another, and unable to envision. . .a better, saner, and safer way to live.

There are intelligent, knowledgeable optimists; we assume Zetland is among them. They see problems clearly, but unlike us pessimists, their thinking immediately jumps to finding solutions. But there are many, many more mindless optimists who believe that if there is a problem it can’t be all that serious, and if it is serious, their leaders, the Sonny Perdues of the world, will take care of it. Or, you know, something will happen. Those are the ones that kind of get us down.

Tomorrow’s post: The most optimistic person in the world


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