Waterblogged.info gets spanked!

And deservedly so. Water experts and environmentalists Pat Ferraro and David Keyes took us to task for our squeamishness about drinking recycled water, expressed in It’s not really toilet to tap-but yuck, anyway. Ferraro pointed us toward an award-winning video about recycling that he was involved with. It’s very, very good–a great introduction to basic information about water and a comprehensive look at why recycled water “isn’t just an option–it’s a necessity.”

David–who was really impatient with us–sees the resistance to drinking recycled water as a media creation; that is, the media continually repeats phrases like “toilet to tap,” thereby putting recycling in a negative light. While we believe that people are hesitant about this all on their own, we don’t want to contribute to negative attitudes about recycling.


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