Has the golden age of waterblogging passed?

Nay–the golden age of water blogging is just beginning! Our headline is just a cheap-shot, sensational distortion of some half-baked idea and has only a tenuous link to the content of this posting–just like most headlines in the mainstream media.

At this morning’s Waterblogged.info editorial meeting, the internet-addicted editor in chief brought up a posting on Alternet entitled “Is Personal Blogging Fast-Fading?” subtitled “The golden age of the digital diarist may be over.” In brief, writer Rob Peters provides facts and figures demonstrating that it’s probably true that dude-my-life-sucks and my-dog-did-a-cute-thing-today blogs have peaked. This is due to a number of factors, most likely including the fact that your life really does suck and nobody wants to read about it, and that there’s no way that your pooch can compete with cuteoverload.com. Oh, and writing all those words everyday is hard work.

A quick poll of Waterblogged.info’s editorial team drew reactions ranging from “Who cares?” to expressions of gratitude for the freed-up bandwidth. There was also general concern that this doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Waterblogged.info, and why have we already wasted three paragraphs discussing it?

Well, partially because, unlike those lazy pleasure bloggers, we like to write, and also because it provides a context for pointing out that serious topical blogging is still going strong. Water blogging, for example, is taking off like a really fast jet-powered aircraft of some sort! Along with venerable institutions like WaterWired, Water for the Ages, and Aquafornia, there are new water blogs springing up like (insert your favorite metaphor for fast-growing things here.)

After, and only after, you’re finished savoring all that Waterblogged.info has to offer, we invite you to check out relative newbies: Misublog, Great Lakes Law, Circle of Blue, and Aquanomics. Also check out Alternet’s water channel for up-to-the-minute news.


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