It’s still a drought, stupid!

In a lengthy, well-written article about Georgia’s ongoing water woes, writer Rick Perlstein, via, excoriates the state’s legislators and decision makers (oops, we mean deciders). The subtitle sums it up nicely:

The colossal mismanagement of water in Georgia has produced an urban crisis with no clear solution other than a return to smart government.

The editorial team of are as one in our agreement with Perlstein. In fact, our earlier collective outrage concerning the lack of real leadership in Georgia led to the four-part It’s a drought, stupid series. In part three, we discussed Georgia’s dependence on and overuse of one little ‘ol river, the Chattahoochee, which Georgians call the Hooch:

In 1991, Atlanta pumped 3.8 billion gallons of water from the Hooch; in 2001 the figure jumped to 20 billion gallons. Rationality would dictate that the powers-that-be advocate conserving water and limiting growth. But until very recently rationality has been off the table in greed-driven Atlanta, and the city’s “leaders” have chosen instead to grab more of the beleaguered Hooch’s water with new dams and reservoirs and to merrily continue building out every square foot of the region. All of this of course is enraging municipalities, regions, and states to the south.

In part four, we discussed the merits of the state’s governor, Sonny Perdue:

Whenever we’ve written It’s a drought, stupid!, we’ve thought of Governor Sonny Perdue.

We’re not, we hasten to add, saying that Perdue is stupid. We don’t know for sure. ph2007111500321.jpgIt’s just that he instantly comes to mind when we write It’s a drought, stupid!. Maybe it’s because of his Take a Shorter Shower month (shorter shower instructions here); maybe it’s because he recently convened a prayer group to pray for rain (and here; video here).

in the quote above, Perlstein mentions the need for a return to smart government. We don’t really know if there was ever any smart government in Georgia, but they certainly have to do better than Perdue.


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