Act of congress: water saving tips from Senator Boxer!

We can’t help but be flushed with pride here at’s California headquarters as we read and re-read the personal correspondence sent to us by the Best. Senator. Ever.

She sent a recent photo, referred to us as “friend,” and–obviously aware of our influence in water-wonk circles–she included links to a page of web-based resources for water conservation measures. Unbelievably, as busy as she is, she apparently put it all together herself: From her email:

I have compiled some water conservation suggestions that I hope you will find useful. Some are remarkably simple, and many will help you save money while saving water. The most important fact is that the sooner you begin saving water, the better. Acting now will provide more savings in the long run.

I hope you will visit the water conservation page on my Senate website by using this link to learn more about water conservation and how to get started.

Most senators would leave this kind of thing to their staff. But not our Babs.

The good legislator provides hand-crafted links to a lot of useful information, including a history of drought in California, which takes us back 11,000 years–to the beginning of the Holocene epoch–roughly the era of human mucking about on the planet.

Hold the gang at the next beach bash breathless by explaining that from a deep time perspective, 11,000 years is nothing–it goes by like this ! (Snap your fingers.) Refer drunken doubters to this site. Tell them to ignore the cheesy animated logo and scroll down to the good stuff–a number of graphic representations of geologic time (like the one on the left). Tell them to look for the Holocene and explain they might have to squint.


2 Responses

  1. She wrote you, too?? Well, that makes us feel less special then we felt two minutes ago. Maybe we’d perk up if we were judged awesome enough to be included in your awesome links. . .

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