Waterblogged.info takes a sick day, or two, or three

The bad news is that Waterblogged.info’s entire editorial staff has been laid low by a flu bug that spread through our office faster than a dirty lie about Obama on the internet.

The good news is that we’ve been forced to take to our collective beds, which really isn’t such a bad thing. It will give us a couple of days of downtime to rest, evaluate our work thus far, contemplate ways to upgrade the blog, and reassess this whole cumbersome writing-in-the-first-person plural business.

Before we sink back into a hallucinogenic fever-and-Theraflu-induced stupor, we raise a shaky finger to point you in the direction of Alternet’s water page, which offers a big selection of water-related articles where you can learn, for example, why a desalination plant will soon be in operation in supposedly water-flush New England.


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