It’s not really toilet to tap—but yuck, anyway

As this recent article from the Wall Street Journal explains, using recycled wastewater for drinking water is a complex process with many steps that most experts believe leaves that which wets your whistle about as pure as it can get. But, let’s face it, we’re crossing a line here. Then again, maybe this is the negative incentive we need. (The image on the left is from a story in the High Country News, an ecological journal focused on the American West.)

These first couple of paragraphs from the blog of the Greensboro, NC-based News & Record raise the possibility that squeamishness could encourage conservation:

As yet another drought turns what once were local lakes into vast plains of cracked red clay, how serious — really serious — are we willing to get about conserving water?

Serious enough to raise a toast with the same water in which we bathed or washed dishes — or worse?

This article discusses LA’s plan for “sewer to spigot” (another colorful term coined by detractors) recycling. This blog entry discusses a recently launched Orange County system for what the author considers an acceptable method for this kind of recycling.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Jared,

    Your knowledge of things wet is impressive, but your post on water recycling left me thinking you really need to spend 24 minute to watch this award winning video I helped produce for the California WateReuse Association some years ago.

    It’s posted on a friend’s blog called running water:
    [video src="" /]

    Hope you enjoy it and maybe change you attitude about recycling water, even for drinking and groundwater replenishment.

    Never Thirst!


  2. Come on Jared!!! We have already passed the point of being grossed out by this. The science works. The idea is to conserve water and save millions of gallons that can stay in our rivers and lakes etc. Get on board man the water is fine.

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