Desal Nation!

Recently, in April 2008, The (U.S.) National Research Council released an important report about the current state of desalination in the U.S. titled Desalination: A National Perspective.

Navigating from the handy-dandy book icon below, you can read it online or download it as a PDF. You executives out there can also read or download the executive summary, and there is even a podcast summary. For some reason, items on the web that are designated FREE in capital letters are not, but in this case, it’s lower-case free, meaning you can read or download the entire document without paying a nickel. (If you insist on spending money, you can buy the paperback version for the strange sum of $57.83.) has addressed desalination here and here, and maintains and updates the soon-to-be-famous Getting Serious with Desalination, a comprehensive package of online resources on the topic—pro and con and every position in-between—with annotated links to articles, white papers, PDFs, diagrams, and videos. It’s also free in the lower-case sense of the word.

Read this FREE online!Full Book | PDF Summary | PDF Report Brief

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