Waterblogged.info endorses water that costs $20 a bottle!

WTF??!!! Are we bipolar or somethin’ over here at Waterblogged.info??? One day we’re ranting against bottled water (Well, not just one day: another rant, oh so cleverly wrapped in a pretty package of ironic enthusiasm here) and now we’re recommending that you buy as many bottles as you can for $20 dollars a pop??? There’s gotta be a catch, right???

Indeed, there is. The catch is that we’re not talking about Bling H2O, which will set you back one crumpled portrait of Andrew Jackson for a 375-ml. bottle and ostensibly earn you the approbation of a certain kind of person. Nor are we recommending any of the other luxury bottled waters, which you can learn about in the video below.

Let Scott Harrison, founder of Charity, explain why buying a $20-dollar bottle of water isn’t as self-indulgent as it sounds. Or, possibly even better, let Simon Willows and Beck school you.


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