Yesterday was World Water Day!

Whoooaaaaa! World Water Day 2008! And, as usual,—where everyday is Water Day—is fashionably late! We didn’t post yesterday because the wildparty.jpgentire staff took the day off to celebrate at the many parades, marches, exhibits, mock water-war shoot-outs, hippified be-ins, teach-ins, die-ins, and drink-ins—not to mention the wet and wild after-hour parties, shindigs, soirees, bashes, clothing-optional panel discussions, clothing-required swimming parties, underwater hip-hop summits, midnight scuba diving, and of course, the posh, black-tie, celebrity, invitation-only, really-huge-scary-guys-patting-you down-at-the-door-for-concealed-water-guns galas that took place all over the San Francisco Bay Area!

Stephen Colbert reveals the truth behind the water hype!
Though thoroughly exhausted—and bloated from sampling too much of the free-flowing non-bubbly straight up from the tap—we aqua-colbertdisplay.jpgmake up for not posting yesterday by directing you to a new water blog, Misublog. To make up for not posting frequently enough, Misublog’s CEO, board chair, editorial director, and author, Laura Makar, posted four segments from the Colbert Report that, in true Colbertian fashion, put water in perspective. In 30 minutes or so, Colbert demolishes so-called scientists and experts and their so-called facts and figures, demonstrates that water is overrated and can be effectively substituted for by eating Doritos, and offers his contribution to the bottled water controversy: Aqua Colbert.


2 Responses

  1. On Top of THAT, see what Dean Kamen showed at COLBERT’S show

    Dean Kamen and his ULTIMATE Water Purifier!

  2. Where is your reminder for yesterday’s World Water Day 2009? Have you given up? Has the water shortage problem gone away? Or have I overlooked something?

    A worried water friend.

    Alexa Fleckenstein M.D., physician, author.

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