Getting serious with Privatization

Executive summary

Today we proudly launch Getting serious with Water Privatization, a page of web resources related to the question of whether small groups of people should be permitted to own and control the elixir of life and disseminate it to the rest of the globe for their personal gain. Obviously, we don’t think so, but we feel compelled—like the wimpy-assed, fair-minded liberals we are—to present resources supporting both sides of the argument.

Non-executive summary

An urgent call
The editorial staff just got a call from some nervous Nelly on our advisory board who is concerned that the title for today’s entry suggests that we are generally not serious, and gives the impression that this posting is a departure from a general fare of lighthearted shenanigans. Well, first of all, Mr. Advisory Board Member, Who asked you? With what part of the term advisory board are you unfamiliar? Your job is to be on a list and keep quiet.

Serious as a shark attack
But, for the record, we are serious. Dead serious. Serious as a heart attack. Serious as a shark attack. Water is serious business. Or, for folks like entrepreneur/bunco artist Jeff Siegal, it’s just plain old business, and big business at that. The world is rapidly running out of fresh water, and for optimists like Siegal, whose glass is always half-full with a commodity that everyone must have to live, that’s not such a bad thing. Because it will make him, and anyone savvy enough to get his free newsletter, rich. (’s incisive and withering response to Siegal here.)

Many posts ago, we made a sincere commitment to initiate and build a series of Getting serious with pages, each dedicated to a specific and crucial water-related topic. We’re happy to report that we nailed the initiation part of this thing, and to date we’ve posted a grand total of one such pages, the future award-winning Getting serious with Desalination. It won’t make you rich, but it will put you at the epicenter of conversation at the next social gathering when the topic of desalination comes up, as it inevitably does.

Pride and prejudice
Now, it is with diffident, humble (and other self-effacing adjectives) pride that we announce Getting serious with Water Privatization, the second in our not-so-fast growing series of links to useful water-related web resources.

If you’re looking for the obligatory long-winded anti-privatization screed, you won’t find it on this post. Don’t get us started, because this will never get posted. Here’s a succinct statement of our editorial opinion: Privatization of water resources and management=sucks. Find out why in the many links on our new page.

Attention libertarians: Rest assured that your strange economic point of view is well represented. We’re fair and unbiased. We let the facts speak for themselves. we post, you decide.


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