Burnout, shmurnout: Waterblogged.info is back in the house!

Rather than delete this entire blog in a fit of existential despair during the darkest moments of our burnout, we decided to take our therapist’s advice and “take a little break, you know, kinda like a getaway,” to get our minds off of droughts, global desertification, and water wars, and more water wars. We took off for umbrella.jpgthe coast for a couple of weeks (see photo), but we have to point out that it really wasn’t all that helpful.

What brought us back from the brink? A few simple, kind words from waterblogger extraordinaire, Abigail, who maintains the fantastic Water for the Ages. (She left us this comment: Oh no, burnout…Well, just know, I appreciate your water blog very much!)

Oh yes, and Despair.com—the one-stop shop for validating and accesorizing all of your crippling neuroses and fears—was also instrumental in our recovery.

In our final session, our smug little therapist, sipping from his frigging bottle of Evian (Do you know that it’s just goddamn H2O in a pretty environmentally toxic package, you idiot??) and glancing surreptitiously—he thought—at the clock, advised us to consider a medication such as “you know, thioridazine, haloperidol, or something” that would help us realize that our editorial team is “you know, kinda like a delusion” and that our mission—to save the world from the impending water crisis—is “like, kinda grandiose.” He pointed out that a side benefit from “getting, you know, real” would relieve us of writing in the second-person plural and make posting that much easier, and maybe even make our blog “like, you know, kinda more reader-friendly.”

None of us had the slightest idea what the inarticulate young man—foisted on us by our inadequate health insurance—was going on about. We looked pointedly at our watches and said, “Well, looks like our time is just about up.”


3 Responses

  1. Glad you’re back, Jared!

  2. Dear Waterblogged,

    I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE and your message. you’re doing wonderful things – communicating and coalating all of the information that you do.

    Have just sent my father, a retired geologist and director of his local (California) water board, many links from your site because I know they will find resonnance with him as well.

    Keep up the good work – and remember that sustainability also applies to You and Your Career. Find a way to make it the most pleasant thing if you plan on doing it for a long time.

    Warm regards,


  3. Thanks Michael and Debra, and don’t worry. My expression of angst and existential despair is mainly a negative attention getting device. Keep up the good work, both of you!

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