Water goes mainstream: two water-related items from the Onion

Onion Radio News’s anchor, Doyle Redland, reports that the beverage redland.pngindustry was “rocked by a new poll” showing that “disease-free water tops the list of world’s favorite beverages.” The astute journalist muses that “many of these people might want potable water for the purpose of adding flavored powders.”

This recent Onion infographic lists the approaches taken by eightgfx_waterman.gif American cities to obtain or conserve water. Waterblogged.info strongly endorses Atlanta’s move to impose legislation mandating that people be composed of only 45 percent water, but nonetheless recommends that the law be revisited after the drought is over. (The graphic at left shows the current legally-required 75 percent; Atlanta’s mandate would put the water level at mid-pelvis.)


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