When it rains, etc. Atlanta gets soaked, California gets battered

(Update: The blog Atlanta Water Shortage seems to have closed its doors. The url is now occupied by the web host and domain name sleazebags at Godaddy.com)

The Waterblogged.info’s editorial staff is pleased to relay the happy news from Atlanta Water Shortage (AWS) that northern Georgia has recently gotten a good soaking, leading to a 5-inch plus rise in Lake Lanier’s level. (Only twenty more feet to go!)

Waterblogged.info’s take:

Downside: Possibly too little, too late for 2008.

Upside: No more shorter showers! (The Waterblogged.info staff highly recommends that you carefully read the comment thread following the cartoon, to get up to speed on not only Governor Sonny Perdue’s response to the drought, but also such related matters as the liberal junk science being foisted on us by a cabal of leftist intellectuals led by NASA and the evil, anti-American Union of Concerned Scientists, the connection between the California fires and Blackwater, and the liberal control of the media. And no discussion of drought would be complete without weighing the pros and cons of abortion.)

AWS also guides its readers to this site, the best summary of the causes for and prospects of the southeastern drought we’ve seen.

In the meantime, the Pacific Ocean seems to have absentmindedly allowed several massive storms to stack up off the coast of California–the site of Waterblogged.info’s 579px-parts_of_an_umbrellasvg.pngwestern headquarters–and is now waving them through in rapid succession. We are currently being beaten down by torrential downpours and disoriented by blinding blizzards.

Waterblogged.info’s take:

Downside: flooding, mudslides, widespread power outages, upgrade from dangerous to extremely dangerous driving conditions, and high winds rendering umbrellas totally useless.

Upside: Free sandbags! Oh yes, and a possible reprieve from the severe drought that had been predicted for California this summer.


3 Responses

  1. Love your site. Would like to believe that California’ s drought is over, but as a California homeowner who lives by a once-healthy stream, I’m not yet convinced. (Though willing to be convinced by more rain, believe me.) We’re still expecting a dry winter, unfortunately.


  2. I live on Lake Lanier and even though it has been brutal watching our lake dry up it is uplifting to look out my window the past couple of weeks and see it rise. I’m wondering if any of you know how reliable the weather channels extended outlooks are. They said that here in north east GA we are expected to have a drier than normal summer. Does anyone keep track of their extended forecast accuracy? I hope its not accurate.

    Ty Ginac

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