Paul Krugman drinks bottled water! (Oh, and he also explains the current economic crisis)

In the video embedded below, Paul Krugman discusses the housing bubble and the resulting financial crisis, which has yet to play itself out and could have a devastating effect on the U.S, and global economy. It is, as Krugman says, scary stuff.

WTF, the observant reader might ask, does this have to do with the mission of Simply put, his bottled water plays a major supporting role in the video. Krugman is an engaging but oddly nervous speaker, and throughout his talk he maintains what our psychological consultants consider an unhealthy attachment with the bottle. He holds on to it like someone might try and take it from him, screws the cap off and and off about ….um, 50 times, and otherwise fiddles with it, caresses it, and occasionally even takes a drink from it.

To put it more simply, the video has no connection with’s mission. But if by posting it we manage to educate, terrify, and outrage a few people over the holiday season, then we’ve done our part.


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