Lake Baikal:Russia’s big lake can kick our big lake’s ass!

When Russians hear about our so-called Great Lakes, they just laugh in that hearty Russian way. Sure the Fab Fresh Five combined contain 18 percent of the deepest-lake-in-the-world.jpgworld’s fresh water, but Lake Baikal (pictured left), located in Siberia north of Mongolia, holds 20 percent of everyone’s favorite combination of salt-free hydrogen and oxygen; while it is smaller in surface than Lake Superior, it is the world’s deepest lake.

Says science writer Carla Helfferich:

It may be hard on northern North American egos, but next to Baikal, our mighty lakes seem to shrink.

Shrivel, even. But maybe we’re onto something here: the fact is that Lake Superior has been indeed mysteriously shrinking, and this size thing just 240px-lake_superior_nasa.jpgmight be the reason. Maybe it’s not just North American egos that are bruised–maybe the once cocky Lake Superior just recently heard of the more deeply-endowed Lake Baikal, and is feeling a little like Lake Inferior, and kind of deflating a little as a result.

Sure, we’re reaching here, but it’s no more a stretch than the crazy notion that the alarming shrinkage is due to global warming, right? Or the suspicion held by many Great Lakes region inhabitants that Superior’s water is being diverted to the water-challenged West. Says one such theorist (from the article linked above):

“Don’t give me that global warming stuff,” Sietsema said. “That water is going west. That big aquifer out there is empty but they can still water the desert. It’s got to be coming from somewhere.”’s hit: As Peter Annin’s Great Lakes Water Wars demonstrates, there is a long history of wacky schemes to divert the Great Lake’s water to the parched West and other parts of the country. But as we note here (See Goodbye, Lake Superior), it’s hard to believe that it could be happening surreptitiously. But when it comes to competition for water, anything is possible.


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  1. I should like to see Great Lakes…

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