Cool facts about Georgia’s drought!

Yet another great title lifted directly from the search strings that bring those thirsting for water knowledge to We were puzzled when we saw it, not only because shutterstock_473009.jpgwe don’t recall using the word cool in any of our entries, but also because dude, what could possibly be cool about a drought?

After an emergency meeting, the editorial team determined that this visitor is either 12 years old, an idiot, or knows something about long periods without normal precipitation leading to severe water shortage that we don’t. After putting our crack team of researchers to work, we’re embarrassed to report that the latter is true. The web abounds with cool facts about Georgia’s drought and, with deep apologies for not having done so earlier, we humbly present the ten coolest.

(Disclaimer: cool is a subjective concept. Although the editors have made every effort to assure the coolness of the subsequent facts, we cannot be held responsible for any individually perceived lack of same.)

  1. The drought is having a negative effect on marijuana crops!
  2. Georgia has no natural lakes! (Not strictly about the drought, but cool nonetheless. Scroll down to the end of the Q & A)
  3. Georgia teens are having intelligent conversations about the drought! Well, they’re having conversations.
  4. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a way cool drought countdown clock! (outdated)
  5. In spite of the drought, Georgians can still kayak and fish the Chattahootchee River! (Cool quote from a Georgian angler: Water can stay low long’s the fish bite.)
  6. It could take Lake Lanier 3 years to reach normal levels after the drought ends!
  7. Hydrologically-challenged Georgians can still garden! (The secret’s in the soil!)
  8. Drought is bringing out the Georgian gators!
  9. Georgians are not permitted to swim in the George H. Sparks Reservoir at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs, Georgia (suburb of Atlanta)
  10. Georgia is not alone!

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