The best way to track the drought in the southeast (Not any more!)

(Update: The blog Atlanta Water Shortage seems to have closed its doors. The url is now occupied by the web host and domain name sleazebags at

There are the Chris George Carloses (4th paragraph) of the world, and there are decent folks like the writer of the web log, Atlanta Water Shortage (AWS), which we’ve atlanta-water-shortage-graphic.jpgrecommended previously and do so again. The writer states that he or she isn’t a scientist, but he or she definitely displays a scientist’s respect for facts and figures and drills down, so to speak, to try to clarify a very complex issue. It’s a true community service.

For example, AWS did a great job of shedding light on the arcane and convoluted tri-state agreement that may or may not keep northern Georgia from running out of water.



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