Water music: ten songs named Water

This entry is completely irrelevant to the weighty mission of Waterblogged.info, your future one-stop water-music.jpgdestination for urgent news and views about water. With an uncharacteristic frivolity, we’re posting songs that we put on our iPod before our team-building group workout.

The catch is that there is only one title: Water. Not Water This or Water That. Just plain tap Water. We went to iTunes and ummm. . .elsewhere and downloaded only songs entitled Water. Even with that limitation there were a lot to choose from, but it was easy to eliminate the many that were labeled New Age or Christian (no offense, all you New Agers and Christians out there not reading this!). We also eschewed jazz and classical, which generally aren’t so hot for cardio.

Waterblogged.info goes on record as recommending these fine water songs:

1. Water Oingo Boingo Album: Farewell–Live from the Universal Amphitheatre

An extraordinary, exuberant, and masterful live performance

2. Water The Shelly Winters Project Album: The Shelly Winters Project

There’s almost nothing about this band on the web. One reviewer of a small-town concert notes, “. . .the Shelly Winters Project seem to be some sort of insane—they definitely bring their 220px-shellywinters.jpgblond-headed ditz of a namesake to mind with their live show.” They don’t seem insane to us, but then we’re high on cardio-induced norepinephrine, serotonin, and of course, dopamine.

3. Water Shadowplay Album: Shadowplay ‘s Greatest Hits Part 2: The 9 Skulls of Prejudice

Because we didn’t know there was one skull of prejudice, let alone nine, we’ll let some anonymous online reviewer take a crack at this: “Shadowplay’s music can be best described as dark, ambient, and soulful hard rock that generously uses synthesizers but is not shy to eclectically reflect hints of the metal spirit with hard, palmed, riffs and progressive inspired drumming.” What he said, plus it grows on you with repeated listening.

4. Water New Model Army Album: Carnival

According to the person who wrote the Wikipedia entry for New Model Army, the band is “widely known for their unwavering commitment to their original vision of music and performance and their ethical code. Therefore they are often labeled as a punk band.” God, logo.jpganybody can write whatever crap they want on Wikipedia. (Waterblogged.info makes a mental note to avoid relying too heavily on Wikipedia.) Anyway, this is so not punk. But it’s really intense, earnest, and possibly ethical. Warning: contains slightly precious lyrics such as “We’re only made of water, the full moon gets us high,” which the might be off-putting to those not on a runner’s high.

5. Water Ndidi Onukwulu Album: No, I Never Blues

6. Water Mearth. Album: Lb.

Described as an east-coast hardcore band, this is not for everyone.

7. Water Stephen Kent Album: Oil & Water World

Uncharacteristic of this rock-heavy mix, this is beautiful world music from a musicologist and didgeridoo maestro who, says BAM, blurs “the lines between ambient, world music, and new age.”

8. Water Moe. Album: Dither Rock

Will the Waterblogged.info team become a moe.ron, as the east coast band claim that their fans call themselves? Not until they explain the period after their name. A Moe. member describes the band as “an amalgamation of a wide variety of the history of rock, all regurgitated and recycled through the eyes, ears, hands, whatever of the guys in our band and all of that with a sense of adventure, a sense of humor, also a constant desire to push the envelope.” Whoaaa! Shut up and play! No musical envelope-pushing is going on in this song, as far as the huffing and puffing Waterblogged.info gang are concerned, but it’s very nice and great for the warming-up phase.

9. Water The Blue Meanies Album: The New Meanies

Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix united in one voice

10. Water The Who Album: Live at the Isle of Wight

Oddly and unfortunately sophomoric and sexist lyrics; but a fantastic live performance


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