Will the Watercone ® solve the global water crisis and end thirst as we know it?

Of course not. And the German company that makes it doesn’t claim that. (Waterblogged.info is experimenting with different kinds of headlines in hopes that it will attract a little attention and feel motivated to struggle on. This time we’re going for a straw-man approach—sarcastically dismissing claims that weren’t made with an authoritative air based on limited knowledge.)

The Watercone® is a nifty little invention—a portable desalination kit—with limited but undeniable utility. On a sunny day, this “solar still”—as its manufacturers call it—can produce more than a liter of potable water from sea or brackish water. It’s so simple that just looking at it and hearing the word “evaporation” pretty much seacone illustrationmakes you a Watercone expert. You place it on top of a black tray filled with brine and the sun does the rest—evaporating the water that immediately condenses on the cone’s interior and drips into the cone’s basin. It really is cool, and for those in the world who survive on a few liters of water a day, it will make a huge difference. See Watercone’s site for details, including Five Reasons for Global Distribution of the Watercone, (a list that seems like a bid for its eventual appearance on a bookmarking site.)

An immediate objection of course is that it is made of plastic—the Watercone site very prominently displays Bayer’s logo alongside their own, which touts “Makrolon, the High-Tech Material,”—and has a useful life of five or so years before it becomes tarnished. So we’re looking at desert landscapes littered with thousands of these things in the years to come. Not surprisingly, the makers have thought of this objection and point out that Makrolon—the High-Tech Material—is one-hundred percent recyclable and can also be put to other uses. Waterblogged.info still see thousands of these things littering desert landscapes for years to come. Waterblogged.info: We’re nothing if not redundant and pessimistic.


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