Baghdad without water in 110+ degree weather, but U.S. soldiers have plenty

Much of Baghdad has been without water for the last six days. Read why here. Meanwhile U.S. troops use immense amounts of readily available water to keep as cool as they can. Read about it in this article, where we learn that water is the “best weapon” for keeping U.S. troops cool enough to carry out their assignments. The piece is mainly about the use of high-tech vests designed to fight Iraq’s extreme heat, including a new model with a battery-powered blower unit that circulates air underneath the soldier’s body armor. Really. And currently in development is a lighter model of a flak jacket with tubing that circulates cooling water. There will be sufficient water when they become available. As the article states:

In fact, American troops, including many who have done multiple tours, appear resigned to the heat. The best weapon, they say, is water, gallons of it. Get near a U.S. soldier in Iraq and you’re near water. Cases of it in bottles are stacked everywhere, iced coolers rattle in the back of armored vehicles, base refrigerators never run out.

So all that the citizens of Baghdad need to do to get near water is to get near a U.S. soldier. suggests they get near very slowly, with their hands up.


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  1. I remember when I first read Frank Herbert’s Dune. I found a new appreciation for water, and the work it would take to survive on a water-deprived planet. Science and culture would have to work hand in hand, and even if there were corruption and exploitation, the basic minimum of living conditions (water!) would have to be available and functional. This entry brought me back to that world, but with a jarring difference. The prevailing powers-that-be aren’t looking for a solution that keeps their planet’s water available, even for themselves. They’re willing to use up a ridiculous amount of the planet’s resources to assert their ownership of a commodity that’s quickly going the way of the dinosaurs. Every entry I’ve read so far in this blog scares me, but this one gets away from the overwhelming nightmare and shows me a concrete image of the stupidity that’s carrying us up to the cliff’s edge—and when we make that final jump, there won’t be any water to break our fall. Thanks for putting so much information, and so many links to even more, together in one place.

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