Good water news for Darfur?

Who says there’s no good news about water? does here, but what do we know?

National Geographic reports that scientists at Boston University believe they’ve discovered a vast underground lake below dusty, desolate Darfur, Sudan. Tapping that water—they say—could help bring peace and prosperity to the region because competition for water is a major cause of the current conflict.

Another expert on the subject is skeptical about the lake, although the article doesn’t exactly explain why. We thought that maybe it was because he’s French, but it seems like the company he works for is under contract by the U.S. He’s mapped all of the region’s underground streams for a U.S. State Department sponsored relief project, and thinks these are a more likely source of water for the drought-stricken area. He claims that the rain-fed courses could provide enough water for 3 to 4 million people. The article states that 75 wells have been dug.

Either scenario, a huge, underground aquifer or a large system of fresh-water streams accessible with wells, seems like good news. The bad news is, of course, that there is no way there will be enough regional cooperation in the near term to effectively tap either source.


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