Ten fun facts about water, gleaned from recent news

This is shaping up to be one of the most depressing blogs on the planet. We here at Waterblogged.info can’t really help that, we’re all about water, and any significant news about water these days is pretty grim.

We’ve decided to punctuate the gloom and doom that permeates the newsroom with occasional perky fun items. Today, we set ourselves the task of finding ten fun water facts by searching “water” on Google News. It wasn’t easy to find ten—and, yeah, we had to do some fudging. A couple of the items aren’t really fun, strictly speaking. And a couple aren’t even really news, but then neither is a lot of the crap they have on the Google News home page, or on television newscasts, or in most newspapers.

(Full disclosure: We put exclamation points after each item expressly to kind of ratchet up the fun factor.)

1. Jack Nicholson started the bottled water craze! (At least according to the writer of this article.)

2. The Phoenix area has 300,000 swimming pools!

3. New York is known for having the best-tasting water in the U.S.! (same article as no. 1)

4. Next years world expo will feature a building with walls of water! (The MIT folks who designed it said it is a boundary-pushing artistic statement!)

5. Astronomer’s have discovered water on another planet!

6. The trailing lantana is a great outdoor plant for dry climates!

7. A Gulfport, Mississippi mobile home owner got a water bill for $479, 237! It was a mistake–it was only $436!)

8. Mosquitoes walk on water better than water striders!

9. Bling H2O is a brand of water that sells for $35 a bottle! (It’s from Tennessee!)

10. Pure Cool is a delicious cool water taste sensation!


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  1. hi i enjoyed the read

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