WTF! BP to dump more toxins in Lake Michigan

And BP’s doing it with the blessings of Indiana regulators, who are supposed to be enforcing the law, not granting exceptions to one of the Great Lake’s biggest polluters.

This is very distressing news. WTF, indeed. (I borrowed digg’s title for their entry.) According to the Chicago Tribune, which broke the story, the regulators reassuringly point out that even after puking out the additional 1,584 pounds of ammonia and 4,925 pounds of untreated sludge, BP will still be within Federal guidelines. This is bullshit. So what? There is no such thing as acceptable levels of toxins in our water. That is and always has been a crazed notion, cooked up by the polluters themselves.

If you read the article that digg links to, you’ll see that the thoughtful state regulators are justifying this outrageous decision on the basis that it creates 80, count them, jobs. Now I understand. Obviously the creation of such a massive amount of jobs—which will no doubt turn Indiana’s economy around—outweighs concerns about the effect of ammonia and toxic industrial sludge on the wildlife in and around the lake and on the people who use it for recreation, drinking water, and food.

Gee, I thought maybe BP bribed them.


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