Ten not-so-fun facts about water

My first post was a light-hearted icebreaker. We’re getting serious now:

1. Fresh water is disappearing — fasteverywhere on the planet, except Iceland. There’s a lot of water in Iceland.

2. Water is the new oil. (I made that up, but so did a couple thousand other people.)

3. Canada is the new Saudi Arabia, maybe. (The catch is they have to waste immense amounts of water to pull it off. But apparently no worries there. See the next item.)

4. Speaking of Canada, a future water war between the two biggest water hogs on the planet (the other being the U.S., of course) is not entirely implausible.

5. Dams may not have been such a great idea after all. Especially this one.

6. There’s a lot of water in Greenland, too. Too bad a lot of it is melting into the ocean. (See also this.)

7. The fact that Greenland is melting provides business opportunities and ummm. . .creative solutions.

8. “Conservation may be part of new plan for Colorado River.” (This from a headline of a June, 2007 article in a Vail, Colorado newspaper. This about a river that brings water to seven states and Mexico. This during a seven-year regional drought. Conservation may be part of the plan for the Colorado River?)

9. Oh wait, this at least gives the above-cited insanity some context. It doesn’t make it any better, but it gives it context.

10. When Rivers Run Dry, a book by water expert Fred Pearce, is an authoritative and frightening look at global stupidity. Read it so we can talk.

Bonus: Groxie is a cool site with a series of posts that amounts to a primer on water conservation.


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